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 MOSHE – Words that   Make a Difference    

Suicide can be prevented.

MOSHE - Words that Make a Difference believes in the power of community to support and strengthen people in crisis situations.

With the right tools, anyone can prevent suicide.

Community Prevents Suicide

MOSHE – Words that Make a Difference is a non-profit organization which aims to dramatically reduce suicide rates and save lives through effective, short-term community-based interventions. Our innovative Roofing methodology mobilizes community resources to create effective safety nets and prevents suicide for people at risk. MOSHE is the first and only organization in Israel to create a concrete and effective buffer between a person at risk of suicide and their death.

A Connection that Makes a Difference

  MOSHE is a leader in suicide prevention in Israel, operating on two main levels:  

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Raising awareness

About suicide and suicide risk through training, conferences, lectures, campaigns and more

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Roofing Interventions

To reduce suicide risk and build personal and community resilience for managing crisis situations


Volunteers, including dedicated volunteer Roofing "Moshas" (Moshot)


Calls for assistance met with Roofing method to prevent suicide through the community 


People – men, women and youth die by suicide in Israel each year

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MOSHA Training

MOSHAs (MOSHOT in Hebrew) play a major role in MOSHE’s community-based interventions.

MOSHAs are trained volunteers with leadership and decision-making capabilities who can withstand stressful situations. The training process, including theoretical training and practical experience and specialization, is about 10 months long.  All volunteers receive continuing training and ongoing support.

“In Israel, prior to the foundation of MOSHE, only digital roofing existed, as represented by organizations such as ERAN, Sahar, etc. To the best of my knowledge, MOSHE is the first and only agency aimed at shielding the person and route to suicide by utilizing actual community resources available to the person, i.e., family, friends, etc.”

Golan Shahar, Ph.D.
Professor of Clinical-Health Psychology and Public Health, and Zlotowsky Chair of Neuropsychology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel; Adjunct Professor of Child Study and Adult Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine

Founder and CEO, Gal Nissim-Emanuel established MOSHE - Words that Make a Difference in 2017, two years after she lost her brother Moshik (Moshe Uri Nissim) to suicide.

(The organization was registered as a non-profit in 2019.) Gal set out to prevent future suicides – and the immeasurable pain that affects so many.

Gal developed MOSHE’s Roofing methodology to manage suicide crisis situations and foster personal and community resilience. MOSHE’s life-saving model offers mediation, guidance and ongoing support for individuals and their families in cases of suicide risk, in consultation with professional experts. MOSHE addresses and mitigates immediate risk, providing people at risk and their communities with knowledge and highly effective crisis management tools.

The unique groundbreaking model developed by Gal has been recognized by experts in suicide prevention as providing a solution that can be replicated worldwide.

"After the death of my brother Moshik, I realized that it was an accident that could have been avoided. Family, community, and our close surroundings all play a crucial role in a person’s ability to cope with suicidal thoughts, loneliness, despair, and suffering. Today I know for sure – with family and friends, and with the close accompaniment of appropriately trained community members, his suicide could have been prevented!"

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